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Roseann Bennett is a loving wife and mother as well as a compassionate and understanding family and marriage therapist. In the last ten years, Roseann Bennett has been able to make a name for herself in the mental health care sector in New Jersey. Over the last few years, Roseann Bennett has been busy building and promoting the Center for Treatment and Assessment that she started to ensure that even people from the low-income communities can access the mental health therapies.


Roseann Bennett studied psychology and psychiatry from Seton Hall University and then continued her practice from home for the next ten years. During this period, Bennett learned a lot about how to deal with people from various walks of life. It is essential that people focus on their experience and relationships much more than they usually do because it is what would lead to a fulfilling life. Roseann Bennett deals with scores and hundreds of patients each week, and she finds her work satisfying because she is always happy to contribute to a better life for someone else.


Roseann Bennett says that it has been a tough job for her to balance her personal and professional life, but she has been able to manage it pretty well in the last few years. Even after having such a busy schedule, Roseann Bennett has proven to be a loving mother and wife as well as a sensitive and caring therapist.


The innovative therapy by Roseann Bennett is helpful for her patients as they can revive their relationship as well as mental health. You can be sure that with the help of therapy by Roseann Bennett, it would become much easier for you to get back your life on track. Many of the people who have consulted Roseann Bennett for their family or marriage issues have found the results they came looking for. Find More Information Here.


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Roseann Bennett: Creating Change In The Mental Health Domain


A cultivated woman of altruistic beliefs, Roseann Bennett embodies both brains and inner beauty. As a renowned marriage and family therapist, Bennett dedicates her expertise to the betterment of mental health. Fueled by her desire to “heal others,” Bennett created the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a nonprofit therapeutic institution. With assistance from her doting husband, the Bennett’s have made great strides in the realm of therapy. What’s more, they’ve streamlined the process of finding a therapist, in turn allowing individuals from all walks of life to reap the spoils of mental health care.


When Roseann Bennett immersed herself in her line of work, there was one glaring reality that perturbed her: rapid access to therapy was scarce. In some cases, Bennett noted that the process took upwards of nine months. When she caught wind of this unjustifiably long wait time, Bennett vowed to spearhead a corporation that did away with this unfavorable notion.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment has since become a haven for the “disenfranchised and marginalized.” Promising to see to the needs of any and every patient, Bennett’s cause is undoubtedly noble. Though Bennett found a way to bend the rules without cheating the system, she still advocates for change. Go To This Page for additional information.


Until a change is implemented, Bennett continues to fight the good fight. In fact, she and her husband offer scholarships to budding mental health professionals in the hopes that they’ll see their dreams through. Moreover, they hope that their efforts will inspire others to “positively influence others.” Both selfless and admirable, Bennett exude a refreshing air of compassion. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has been going strong for seven years, and the Bennett continually strive to expand their services while leaving an indelible impact on the patients they work with.


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Rosanne Bennett Focuses On Mental Health Awareness Month

To bring awareness to the issue of Mental Health, family therapist Roseann Bennett wrote a series of articles that can be found on her own website:


Ms. Bennett worked as a in home family and adolescent therapist for over a decade before starting the “Center for Assessment and Treatment” in 2009. The center is a nonprofit treatment facility specializing in family and adolescent patients.


The basis for the articles’ subject matter came from her work at the center. Roseann Bennett enjoys helping individuals with their issues and sees this series of articles as an extension of her services reaching a broader range of people through her nonprofit website and blog. For example, in one of the articles Roseann talks about how depression, left untreated, can deeply effect a relationship and may be an underlying cause to divorce. The overall approach to the series of articles for Ms. Bennett is individuals staying fit, both physically and mentally, no matter what they are facing in their lives.


Roseann and her husband Todd both run the Center for Assessment and Treatment, with Roseann Bennett focusing on general overall family wellness. The center is based out of Hackettstown, New Jersey, and offers the latest in treatment options including Canine Therapy. Ms. Bennett is a graduate of Seton Hall University with a MA in Psychological Studies and an EdS in Marriage and Family Therapy also from Seton Hall University. Before opening the Center for Assessment and Treatment, Roseann worked as a in home family therapist for Cambridge Behavioral Health and Contextual Family Services. Go To This Page for related information.


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