Hussain Sajwani Opens the Doors of Opportunity

When Hussain Sajwani was still in school in Dubai, he would work long hours for his father after school in the family business, a variety store that sold consumer goods. Because the hours were so long, Hussain told his father that he was certain that he would never go into business when he grew up because of the hours. He stated that he would rather be a professional with a degree, and that way his hours would be normal.


Hussain did graduate from the University of Washington in the United States with degrees in economics and engineering. He then traveled back to Dubai to work for an oil company as an engineer. The entrepreneur spirit got to him, however, as he formed his own catering company to capitalize on an opportunity. His company served food to the US Army during the war in the Gulf with Iraq and Kuwait. The company was very successful and it paved the way for further success later. The catering company is still in business to this date.


The UAE relaxed the immigration regulations for foreign nationals who wished to come into the country to live. In 2002, Sajwani formed DAMAC properties, a real estate development company. He based his decision on his summation that there would soon be a real estate boom with the opportunity to build luxury accommodations for all of the new arrivals.


Sajwani had the gift of marketing and promotion and soon the DAMAC name was widespread and people were very intrigued with his approach to furnishing upscale and high-end living quarters. His initial project of luxury apartments was totally sold out even before construction was started. The amenities of Italian fashioned Versace and Fendi luxury villas quickly became a big hit with residents.


Since the inception of DAMAC, 19,000 apartments have been built, with another 44,000 in various levels of completion. This trend is what has established security for the entire Hussain Sajwani family. There are various family members in key management positions which will ensure the longevity of the company.


The DAMAC owner has received accolades for his business acumen, such as being on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list, ranked in the number one position.


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