The Chainsmokers Work To Find Their Musical Identity

Alex Pall, who makes up one half of the musical duo The Chainsmokers, has always considered crafting music to be his favorite hobby and one he has dedicated much of his life to. Upon meeting Andrew Taggart, the entire world changed for both of them. Gone were the days of investing as much time as they could into their shared hobby of creating music, having to make time for it between work schedules and other real-world obligations. Once United the pair took a huge leap and committed to making music full time and building that hobby into a career. Alex Pall states that he still can not believe that something he enjoys so much could ever be considered “work.”

Though both had their own followings in the DJing scene, their first big break together came in the form of the song “Selfie,” which the duo released in 2015. The song quickly went viral as a comedic hit, and was heard by individuals throughout the world. Successful as the song was, it gained the duo, who introduced themselves as The Chainsmokers, much needed exposure. In the years since the release of that initial song, the years have seen The Chainsmokers release many new songs, each gaining more notoriety than the previous. Now that they have made a name for themselves, the pair is focusing more on crafting their own musical style and shaping their identity within the musical community. Previously, The Chainsmokers focused mainly upon making music over which they would invite other artists to sing. Now, as they continue to grow their image, they have introduced new tracks on which the DJs-made-musical artists sing themselves. What it interesting about this is that, up until recently, this is something they have stayed away from. The future will see The Chainsmokers continue to craft their imagine and learn more about who they are, and where they want to go musically.

Jeremy Goldstein on Knockout Options versus Stock Options

Today, many enterprises have ceased to provide stock options to their employers because of a variety reasons that have little to do with saving money. For instance, an employee may fear that the stock value may fall, which makes it difficult for them to have any stock options. Also, economic downturns make them more averse while considering these options.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which helps companies deal with compensation issues for their executives committees. These are situations that need sensitivity as they shape employees’ welfare. Before he formed his the company, Jeremy Goldstein was also a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.


He is also a speaker and a writer. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in assisting different corporations in the way of governance. He also chairs, and works with various government law boards, which include The Legal 500, and Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.


Jeremy Goldstein states that stock options can help the staff to gain more regarding wages, insurance coverage, and wages. This is because these options are easy to understand. Additionally, when a company’s staff understands the value that this compensation can bring to them, they will ensure that the value of the company rises to the expectations. Therefore, the staff will try their best to ensure that all the clients are happy, and more come their way.


Companies can employ the right strategies so that they can keep the reward options available to their employees. For instance, one of the best steps that they can take is including knockout options. These are similar to the stock options. However, they differ in that the share value needs to stay at a particular level to keep the employees from losing their stock. This is beneficial to stockholders because they do not have to worry about their shares going down.


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