Igor Cornelsen’s on Brazil’s Economic Future

Igor Cornelsen is one of the foremost experts on the Brazilian financial sector. He’s had decades of experience as an investment manager and has worked for some of Brazil’s leading banks. Brazil as a country has always been an intriguing market for international investors. However, navigating the Brazilian market as an outsider has its challenges. Brazilian culture is very different. The government is also known for its difficult bureaucracy and mountains of red tape. The market is also wholly unpredictable. Although, Igor Cornelsen has established himself as a voice to be listened to.

Cornelsen now lives in South Florida but is still very involved in the Brazilian financial market. He works with Bainbridge Inc. and continues to make smart investment decisions. He notes that there are always opportunities within the Brazilian stock market.

He himself even states that the inherent political instability of Brazil serves as a detriment to foreign investment. Jair Bolsonaro, an extreme-right politician, recently won the presidential election and has promised economic reform. Cornelsen believes it will be difficult for Bolsonaro to keep his campaign promises.

Igor Cornelsen is usually right. At the start of last year, he stated that the market would continue to be unfavorable. This was said despite other leading financial analysts claiming that an economic turn was soon to happen. The economic instability was furthered by a failure of Brazil’s pension system as well as workers’ strikes in the transportation sector.

Even with the rise of China, Cornelsen believes Brazil still has a role to play in the global food production market. It is the largest producer in South America. China’s success has often led to financial prosperity for Brazil. China looks to Brazil to supply its factories with precious minerals and other natural resources. Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil’s economic future will depend on its citizens and not the bureaucracy. We’ll see if he is proven right again.