Kimberly Bakker’s Innovate Event Planning Practices


Kimberly Bakker is a local icon in the little community in and around San Francisco. She held public positions before beginning her present career as a professional event planner. In addition to her full service consulting !rm, she serves on the Board of Directors for Children of Shelters and Blue Star Music Camp, as well as on the committees for several San Francisco-based nonprofit organizations that aid animals, homeless and youths, and is a member of the Society of California Pioneers.

As a child, she quickly become engrossed in the idea of assembling a lot of moving parts to seem everything fall into place on the big day.

Kimberly Bakker now has a daughter of her own, and wishes to give her the same childhood joy. The calendar might be turning away from the holiday season, but the lives of her clients must go onward. She recently sat down with Chronicle of the Week to provide tips of every day individuals.

Valentine’s Day is the next holiday on schedule, and Kimberly Bakker has numerous events for the occasion on her schedule. However, even if the event involves only a few individuals, she still starts with a pen and piece of paper. Listing each aspect of the event keeps the planning orderly, while also ensuring nothing is forgotten along the way. The worst thing that can happening is discovering a piece right before the event begins. She likes to cover her basis from food to the guests attending. Kimberly Bakker has mastered the art of event planning through trial and error.

Once the planning is completed and the big has arrived, there are several aspects for a host to keep in mind for a smooth experience. Guests love background music and good lighting, as it makes for a friendly atmosphere. The happier the guests, the more likely meaningful social interaction will take place. In addition, Kimberly Bakker is a strong supporter of having a backup plan just in case of an incident. Sometimes a pair of guests might not see eye to eye. She believes that any situation can turn around for good. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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What You Should Know About Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Kimberly Bakker


Kimberly Bakker is, to say the least one of the most impressive entrepreneurs we’ve ever met. Her success in the event-planning industry has made her name synonymous with high-quality results and she continues to produce highly successful events year after year.

Kimberly Bakker still makes time to give back to her community as Bakker sits on many non-profit boards. Her past experience as the protocol officer for the former mayor of San Francisco and the education she received from the University of Southern California have prepared her to lead Kimberly Bakker Events, an event planning and consulting business. We recently sat down with Kimberly Bakker in order to go a little more in-depth about her career and overall mindset.

How did you get involved in the Event-planning industry?

Kimberly Bakker states that her passion for throwing elaborate parties has always been with her since an early age. She recalls entertaining her family, stuff animals and about anyone who she could get to her tea-parties. Moving into turning that passion into business was to her a natural progression of that passion held by her.

What sets Kimberly Bakker Events from Other Companies?

Kimberly Bakker talks about how she always makes sure to utilize a personal item within their client’s event. The addition of an item, in her case an old set of silverware belonging to her grandmother allows the event to feel warmer and inviting. In addition, she understands that many of her clients often go hours without eating due to their constant meet and greets throughout the night, because of this Kimberly Bakker is always ready with a plate of food for her clients at the end of the night. Get Related Information Here.

What is the most useful skill in business?

Undoubtedly organization, says Kimberly Bakker. If you want control of your company and its results then making sure you have a detailed list is crucial to achieving positive results. This is especially important in the event-planning industry as there are many vendors to keep tabs on.


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San-Fran Entrepreneur Kimberly Bakker Has Built A Business Celebrating Others


How does an extraordinarily busy event planner go about bringing any special occasion to a successful ending? By streamlining tasks through careful delegation, and maintaining a positive presence according to Kimberly Bakker.


Paying almost obsessive attention to details is modus operandi for the professional entrepreneur and the owner of Kimberly Bakker Events. From the moment an event begins, she is moving, and never stops until the event is over. Her job is never done until honorees are expressly satisfied beyond expectations.


Bakker’s meticulous manner of mindfulness began as a child. She recognized her ability service and leadership while throwing elaborate small events for family. She would also discover her passion; giving her the motivation and confidence needed to thrive in her market. Read This Article for more


Kimberly Bakker’s childhood was filled with the magic of ritual, and the power of tradition. The nostalgia for small touches as Kimberly Bakker has called them originated from memories of her father and his apparent fondness for family heirlooms.


Perhaps Kimberly Bakker’s greatest gift as a working , self-proclaimed “Momtrepreneur” is the time she spends with loved ones. In her experience, quality time spent in more peaceful circumstances contributes to idea generation. Time to visualize is central to her profession.


Bakker attributes the success of her business to her affinity for celebrating the achievements of her honorees. The joy and adulation of others is a form sacred compensation for Ms. Bakker. The characteristics she gleaned as a child have grown into genuine care, concern, and love for the sake of her peers. information.


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How Kimberly Bakker’s Love For Event Planning Started


San Francisco, California native Kimberly Bakker is the founder of Kimberly Bakker Events. With over 15 years of experience as a PR account executive, fundraiser, and event planner, Bakker has the knowledge and experience it takes to run her own company. She attended the University of Southern California where she studied business. Even since she graduated, Kimberly hit the ground running to create a fulfilling, successful, and lasting career.


In 2005, Kimberly Bakker was appointed San Francisco Protocol Officer by the San Francisco mayor at the time, Gavin Newsom. She also serves on a number of boards she is passionate about. The entrepreneur serves on a number of committees for non-profit organizations in her home city. She also serves of the board of directors for Blue Star Music Camp and Children of Shelters.


Kimberly’s love of event planning came at a very young age. Her mother recalls her throwing elaborate parties for her stuffed animals and family members. That love translated into a career later on in life. Celebrating special moments and milestones in life became an intrinsic part of Kimberly’s life, and she would create her own even planning company to further her passion and love for the special moments. Bakker’s day starts unbelievably early in the morning, before the sun rises. Visit This Page for related information.


She sets out to be as productive as possible each day, carrying around a checklist to take care of during the day. This requires a lot of organization, delegation of tasks, attention to detail, and so much more. What brings Kimberly’s ideas to life is discussing them with her clients. They feed off each other’s energy to see what works. In the end, Bakker always puts her clients first. The biggest factor that makes her a productive entrepreneur is being organized. This is a very crucial part of every event planner’s day.


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