Dermatologist Tim Ioannides Journey In Changing Lives

Tim Ioannides is a successful dermatologist who has specialized in doing cosmetic procedures. Hs is a reputable dermatologist who got his education at the University of Florida. It is notable that Tim felt great satisfaction in seeing that the patients were impressed and content with the results of the procedures. He loved his practice but was more concerned about reaching and impacting people’s lives on a personal level. He finally transitioned to the medical aspect of dermatology.


Tim Ioannides has been able to impact people’s lives over a period of 15 years. He is the originator of Treasure Coast Dermatology. His medical Centre mainly aims at improving the lifestyle of their clients. He has grown his enterprise into four different locations. He is satisfied to be working in this line of medicine. Rather than helping people to improve their physical features, he is able to help people with real problems find solutions to their conditions.


Doctor Tim Ioannides has been especially enthusiastic about vitamin D. many patients come with different skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis among others. Tim has been able to share his research on vitamin D. he acknowledges that the body needs vitamin D to maintain high immunity and keep your teeth strong. Exposure to the sun over a short period of time is important in helping your body make its own vitamin D. People who suffer from sin conditions often are urged to spare 10 minutes under the sun. This is a simple way to reduce their chances of infection. See Related Link to learn more.


Tim’s accomplishments and motivation for his work is an affirmation that the work he does is completely competent and of a high standard. He volunteers at a local university as a professor, where he continues to impart his experience and wisdom to many aspiring medical practitioners.


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The Outstanding Career Of Tim Ioannides

The health sector has continued to thrive over the recent years due to the continuous effort of leaders that are dedicated to ensuring that it outstands other industries. Tim Ioannides is among the successful and dedicated leaders that have taken the initiative of working harder towards making the industry a lucrative one. He attended school in Miami where he attained his degree in medicine.


Dr Tim Ioannides’ knowledge and passion towards the field have enabled him to keep moving and achieving a lot. He is also passionate about his career and his ability to eliminate failure, and other challenges that he faces in the industry has enabled him to achieve a lot in his endeavors.


Additionally, the duo has also impressed many people through the tremendous successes he has achieved. As a qualified dermatologist, he has started low by establishing a single dermatology unit where he attended to the diverse needs of his clients. Through his efforts, he ensured that the various skin problems that his clients faced were successfully attended to and addressed to enable them to overcome them. Read This Article for more information.


With his highly reliable services, the duo has today successfully established more than five units of his dermatology hospitals. As a result, he has reached to a vast number of people and his services are ranked among the top ones in the country. Tim Ioannides has combined his knowledge with humanistic approaches to ensure that he fully understands the key problem faced by his clients to eliminate them permanently.


He has also continued to share his word of advice with other doctors that are passionate about venturing into the field of dermatology with the aim of ensuring that they successfully achieve their dreams. Besides, the duo is also a good listener, which is a significant characteristic of a great doctor. With this, he identifies issues affecting his clients within the shortest time possible.


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Dr. Tim Ioannides Of Treasure Coast Dermatology Reveals Antibiotics Is Not A Solution For Acne


The Dermatology Times recently featured an article titled “Top 10 Dermatology Stories of 2018.” The article reveals the top ten issues and topics that the readers found the most compelling in 2018.

One of the leading articles for the Dermatology Times was titled “Avoid Antibiotics for Acne Treatment When Possible.” They discovered that using antibiotics against acne wasn’t as helpful as they originally believed. Many dermatologists used antibiotics because they thought that acne was caused by infections caused by bacteria. However, the latest science reveals that acne is not a bacterial infection.

Though some antibiotics work, you want to avoid them whenever possible. When you use new antibiotics, the bacteria are able to resist them because some of the bacteria survive. Despite being only 1% of physicians, dermatologists subscribe almost 5% of the prescriptions for antibiotics. Though they may work against acne in the short term, they can cause severe damage later. The biggest issue is that patients are left using antibiotics for years, allowing the antimicrobial resistance to create super bacteria that is able to resist most antibiotics.

Another popular article was titled “Is it Acne or Pityosporum Folliculitis?” The article focuses on helping physicians understand the difference between acne and pityrosporum folliculitis. This will often show up on the upper back and the hairline and it is a fungal condition. When dermatologists use an antibiotic against it, it will often make the condition worse. Acne is often caused by increased production in sebum while the pityrosorum folliculitis looks incredibly similar.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist at the Treasure Coast Dermatology Clinic. The clinic has a variety of locations including the Martin, Indian River, and Port St. Lucie counties.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology and Tim focuses on creating a practice that begins with a proactive approach.


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This New Years, Resolve To Stop Using Antibiotics For Simple Acne


For many years, antibiotics were used as a misguided treatment to the problem of acne, as acne does have a relation to bacteria – however, it was believed that this bacteria was the cause, and that acne itself was an infectious disease. Research and study show this not to be the case, and demonstrate that there’s no direct correlation to the quantity of ever-present P. acnes and of outbreaks of acne.

While there are cases where antibiotics are necessary, and while they do often work, the issue is that it can be likened to using a bulldozer to build a snowman. It’s an excessive, unnecessary response, especially with the dire implications of revelations made in recent decades about antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

It’s a serious issue, which many dermatologists are an unfortunate part of, as they’re five times as likely to prescribe oral antibiotics than their numbers would imply. Topical erythromycin provides an example of an antibiotic used to such a great extent that it simply does not work in the United States, anymore.

These issues can be negated to some extent by pairing the prescription with benzoyl peroxide, but patients dislike it as it stains fabrics. Oftentimes, this leads this important step to be disregarded and for the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to be made worse, for the sake of keeping bedsheets unbleached. Looking forward, it’s important to encourage accountability and the spread of new information among American dermatologists to counter this trend among dermatologists and to preserve the efficacy of antibiotics.

Tim Ioannides is a Board of Dermatology member, certified by the same body, and has thus far spent his medical career serving the dermatological needs of the Treasure Coast of Florida. He operates his own dermatology practice, with multiple locations throughout the aforementioned Treasure Coast. See This Article for additional information.


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