CEO Matthew Fleeger Helps Expand Gulf Coast Western LLC

Mathew Fleeger is the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC, an oil and natural gas company. The company’s main focus is to serve as the managing venture of Oil and Gas Partnerships. The Oil and Gas Partnership’s mission is to find, acquire and develop new oil wells in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. They operate various oil wells in those regions and develop them to partner with other oil producing companies. Companies they have partnered with include Zachry Exploration, LLOX, Union Gas, Endeavor NG, and Neumin Production. Gulf Coast Western wells have an excellent track record and many of the wells developed have gone on to produce an average of over 800 barrels of oil a day.

When scouting for development locations, Gulf Coast Western uses 3D seismic data to find the best the spots the well make the best candidates. There main areas of exploration are that of the Gulf of Mexico, primarily off the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. They have also expanded inland to Colorado and Oklahoma to find knew well candidates. Gulf Coast Western has also begun expanding into the industry of salt water disposal and has begun operating an SWD well.

Gulf Coast Western LLC was founded by Mathew Fleeger’s father. Mathew Fleeger wanted to carve out his own path in life and began his career studying finance and marketing at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. After graduating college, he worked for a handful of entry-level positions before taking a lower level position at Gulf Coast Western. In 1993 he would start MedSolutions, a company that is responsible for the disposal, treatment, and management of medical wastes.

Fleeger using his keen entrepreneur skills grew the company into one of the most successful medical waste companies in the US. In 2007, after 14 years of hard work Fleeger sold MedSolutions to Stericycle for $59 Million! After the sale of MedSolutions, Fleeger returned to the family business and took over as President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western.


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Jeunesse Global puts serious weight behind Zen Bodi

The weight-loss industry has long been a haven for rogue salesmen, shoddy systems and evidence-free claims of easy results. The idea that people who struggle with weight and poor lifestyles could resolve their problems is a new variant on the very old theme of something for nothing. Like the snake oil and patent medicine of past eras, these systems were usually more about marketing than results.

But that has now started to change. In particular, Jeunesse Global, one of the most trusted names in the health industry across the globe, has entered into the weight-loss industry. And as is typical of its efforts, Jeunesse isn’t messing around.

The company’s weight-loss system is known as the Zen 8 Project. And it comes with a proprietary supplement called Zen Bodi. Unlike just about every other weight-loss system that has ever been put on the market, the Zen 8 Project makes no claims of easy results or something for nothing. On the contrary, the system requires the user to put in steady effort in striving towards each one of the three pillars of weight loss. These are the burning of fat, the curbing of appetite and the building of muscle. And the Zen 8 Project doesn’t mince words when it says that these things require work on the part of the user.

However, the Zen 8 Project does make it as easy as possible for the users to get these results. The system leverages the sciences of behavioral modification, nutrition and exercise physiology to maximize the results of each minute that the user puts into the system. The Zen Bodi supplement also makes actually losing weight, keeping it off and moving into a total-health lifestyle a much easier and more permanent process.

All told, the Zen 8 Project gives users the best possible chance to reach their weight-loss and lifestyle goals. Those who follow the system shouldn’t expect overnight results. But what they can expect are steady, incremental steps towards achieving the body and the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of. With the Zen 8 Project and Zen Bodi, anything is possible.