Buy Your Own Trabuco For Sale

Hey, if you are the type of person that likes ancient war machines or trying to live the day of medieval warfare then you need to purchase a trabuco. This ancient war machine has been around since it was first created by the Chinese around 500 B.C. The word trabuco is the Portuguese name for trebuchet. The following information will explain how you can purchase your very own trabuco so you can wage your own medieval warfare; or just sling pumpkins around in your neighbors fields.

Some private and commercial companies and businesses make trabucos for sale. These ancient war machines can be purchased as model replicas or in a large-scale model. The smaller model versions are sold in a variety of sizes and they are typically created with wooden parts that sling items for extremely short distances.


Then there are the large-scale trabuco units that were used during medieval times. The large-scale units are used to hurl pumpkins in throwing contests. These units are made out of wood and/or metal parts. It will also take a crew to assemble the machine. Once it has been assembled, a team will also be needed to make it work.

Short scale trabuco models can be used indoors and in areas where there is enough room to shoot the projectiles. The large scale trabuco machines must be used outdoor in wide open fields where the projectiles cannot damage anything or hurt anyone. The large-scale models are commonly used in pumpkin chuckin contests that have been taking place for many years.

Huge trabuco require some type of skill to manipulate. Users will have to calibrate the swing arm to ensure that the projectile is going in the right direction. The trabuco is a great engineering piece that teaches people about scientific pieces according to It is also a great tool for throwing objects around for entertainment and fun. The next time you decide to purchase a trabuco, just go out and get one.