Boraie Development Seeks Partnerships to Change the New Jersey Urban Landscape

Boraie Development LLC is developing The Aspire Luxury Apartments in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The apartment block consists of 238 residential units with an attached parking facility with direct access to the lobby. Taking a couple of steps leads you to the New Brunswick Train Station together with other amenities such as a fitness center, a hospital, and neighborhood dining, shopping and nightlife. The apartment block comes with 24/7 doorman lobby, rooftop sundeck and garden, outdoor BBQ space, 10,000 square feet of retail, individual storage, and indoor bike storage space.

Boraie Development LLC has also partnered with former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal to develop other properties in Newark. The 33-story residential complex worth $150 million is the first high rise in Newark in decades. Shaquille O’Neal who was born and raised in Newark says he wants to invest in it and make it beautiful. Better yet, the star will occupy one of the penthouses at the top of the building upon completion.

The complex named “The House that Shaq Built” will also house a restaurant and retail space. It will come with 225 parking spaces, a pool, roof-deck plaza, private worker lounge, and a private residence lounge. Shaq is also developing another apartment complex near One Rector, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center together with Boraie.

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company specializing in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. The company works with the strongest financial institutions, architects and contractors for timely completion of all their project developments.

Gino Pozzo Is A Success In Business And Sports

Football is the most popular sport in all of Europe and Gino Pozza is a big name in it. Not only is he the owner of the Watford Club in England, but he is also an accomplished investor and businessman. While the football club may not have had the best track record, Gino Pozzo and his family have been working hard to do everything right and turn the team around. In order to ensure that he was able to do more for the team that he owned, he relocated his family and himself to London.

Gino Pozzo believes that the Watford Club has a great deal of potential to become one of the biggest names in European football within the upcoming years. The Premier League is considered one of the most famous football leagues in Europe and Gino Pozzo is hoping to help the team move all the way up from Fourth Division all the way to the top. After purchasing this team, the Pozzo family became the owners of three teams in England, Spain, and in their home country of Italy. They also became the first family to own this many teams at the same time.

The first team that the family of Gino Pozzo became the owners of was a Udinese club in Italy. They were able to purchase this Udinese team with the capital that they had raised from their family business in woodworking. Since they first purchased the team in 1986, the family has diversified their investments considerably. They now do business with property and mergers as well. While this may have taken some time away from their sports endeavors, Gino Pozzo and his family insist that they are doing it all right and putting everything that they can behind the teams to make sure that they can compete.

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Dermatologist Tim Ioannides Journey In Changing Lives

Tim Ioannides is a successful dermatologist who has specialized in doing cosmetic procedures. Hs is a reputable dermatologist who got his education at the University of Florida. It is notable that Tim felt great satisfaction in seeing that the patients were impressed and content with the results of the procedures. He loved his practice but was more concerned about reaching and impacting people’s lives on a personal level. He finally transitioned to the medical aspect of dermatology.


Tim Ioannides has been able to impact people’s lives over a period of 15 years. He is the originator of Treasure Coast Dermatology. His medical Centre mainly aims at improving the lifestyle of their clients. He has grown his enterprise into four different locations. He is satisfied to be working in this line of medicine. Rather than helping people to improve their physical features, he is able to help people with real problems find solutions to their conditions.


Doctor Tim Ioannides has been especially enthusiastic about vitamin D. many patients come with different skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis among others. Tim has been able to share his research on vitamin D. he acknowledges that the body needs vitamin D to maintain high immunity and keep your teeth strong. Exposure to the sun over a short period of time is important in helping your body make its own vitamin D. People who suffer from sin conditions often are urged to spare 10 minutes under the sun. This is a simple way to reduce their chances of infection. See Related Link to learn more.


Tim’s accomplishments and motivation for his work is an affirmation that the work he does is completely competent and of a high standard. He volunteers at a local university as a professor, where he continues to impart his experience and wisdom to many aspiring medical practitioners.


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