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Steve Lesnard was born in Paris, France capital; he always loved sports from his childhood acquiring great values and skills in sports. Mr. Steve Lesnard holds a degree in business he acquired while in France focusing mainly on entrepreneurship and international business. While in business school he played a great role in sports being the president of the sports club. Later he moved to the US where he obtained his masters in entrepreneurship at Babson College in Wellesley near Boston.


After completion of school he worked as company director at Wolford, a luxury fashion brand located in the New York City. He later moved to the West coast to pursue his venture into professional sports industry where he worked as a global sport marketer and product manager. This move gave him great experience in the sports world and understanding of consumer services having been on the frontline of planning and overseeing the events at Nagano Olympics.


Mr . Steve Lesnard also ventured into development of sport related products in the market that has been a major role in his career growth, developing products that are used by athletes making him a brand career in his field of consumer satisfaction. Throughout his career he has been able to lead high leading business in the sports industry including leading and directing a number most iconic Olympics campaigns among other high profile businesses, not forgetting the launching of products that brought high industrial change. He boasts of having a great and formative experience in the sports industry having held great positions in general management driving several companies, playing innovative role in product, consumer expertise and executive management skills. View Additional Info Here.


Mr . Steve Lesnard has always been inspired in bringing sports into people’s life, thanks to his great passion and efforts he has brought into the global sports industry. He also believes in understanding the needs of his clients as a key role that drives success, it’s vital to get to listen to your customers, understanding what they want and how they want it, thus make predictions on better solutions to cater for their demand, this is a great act of driving the success of your brand.


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