Victoria Doramus: How To Beat Addiction in New York City

Victoria Doramus is an expert in psychology behavior and drug addiction. She managed to overcome all her self-inflicted habits and realized that to get better she needed a great network of friends who supported her vision to live a healthier life. Doramus tells her experiences of being addicted to drugs in detail wherein 2011 she checked into rehab and spent 45 days working at the facility.

Adderall and Cocaine were some of the drugs in question. Being a prescription for individuals who have ADHD, Adderall’s effects are questionable. It’s also addictive. Although garnered a lot from the process and left rehab with some sense of optimism, Victoria Doramus didn’t comprehend the extent of addiction as well as the fact that the disease wasn’t easily treated or dealt with. In the next five years, Doramus changed states, careers, as well as friends. However, she needed more help. After serving for 60 days in Connecticut, Victoria Doramus was willing to take any step to regain her health.

Doramus holds that an addict has to be committed to getting better. When one isn’t willing to deal with what it takes to get better, they won’t recover. This is regardless of the tools of support. Personal resolve is integral to one’s recovery. In 2016, Victoria Doramus relocated back to New York. She was determined to overcome her demons. Victoria Doramus aspired to prove to her mother that she could do it. Because her mother was dying of cancer at that moment, she relapsed and started retaking drugs. For the years she was alone in Manhattan, without a home, or family and friends, Victoria Doramus understood the value of having a great network to get her through the challenges. She couldn’t do it by herself.

At the onset of 2017, Victoria’s recovery journey started. She joined Burning Tree, a Texan treatment facility. The health care practitioners at the organization administered treatment through a systematic approach. The staff wasn’t sympathetic with those who relapsed. She spent about eight months in rehab and waited tables. Doramus was self-sufficient to the extent of affording a plane ticket to visit her mother in December 2017. Read This Article for more information.

Doramus turned a new chapter in life in 2018. She is currently a trend analyst, business professional, and a recovery expert. Victoria Doramus also supports great charity organizations to accomplish their dreams of supporting the less fortunate in society.


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