How Steve Lesnard Became An Influential Marketer For Global Athletic Brands


Steve Lesnard has been in the athletic brands industry for over twenty years. He started out in 1997 when he was the global sports marketing and footwear project manager. Steve Lesnard’s success at this led to him taking a leadership role for Women & Cross. He managed this brand in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as the brand director. He revolutionized how women shop for athletic gear by creating retail stores specifically for them.

In his last position working for a global athletic brand, he was in charge of the Running division. He grew this into a $5.3 billion revenue generator within three years. Among the brands he launched was Lunar and Vapormax & React Innovations. Due to the strategic partnership that Steve Lesnard created with Apple his organization’s online running community increased in size from 500,000 people to over 7 million.

He says that as a student he had the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. This led to him wanting to work at the international level. Steve Lesnard says that sports is a universal language which helped him get through culture gaps by pointing out common values that people have around the world.

Steve Lesnard develops ideas for brands through a process he has dubbed the what phase. First identify the idea, second identify who it would appeal to, and third what benefit it would bring to that consumer. Once this process is completed he then focuses on the how.

He says he wants to deliver each idea in a distinct and impactful way that people will identify with and see how it solves a problem they have. The trend in the marketing industry that most excites Steve Lesnard is personalization. Find Additional Information Here.

Consumers are sharing huge amounts of data which is used by brands to offer products and services way more personable than they ever could have been before. He says this back and forth between a brand and a consumer has been fundamentally altered by the use of data and exceeding expectations.


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