Kimberly Bakker’s Innovate Event Planning Practices


Kimberly Bakker is a local icon in the little community in and around San Francisco. She held public positions before beginning her present career as a professional event planner. In addition to her full service consulting !rm, she serves on the Board of Directors for Children of Shelters and Blue Star Music Camp, as well as on the committees for several San Francisco-based nonprofit organizations that aid animals, homeless and youths, and is a member of the Society of California Pioneers.

As a child, she quickly become engrossed in the idea of assembling a lot of moving parts to seem everything fall into place on the big day.

Kimberly Bakker now has a daughter of her own, and wishes to give her the same childhood joy. The calendar might be turning away from the holiday season, but the lives of her clients must go onward. She recently sat down with Chronicle of the Week to provide tips of every day individuals.

Valentine’s Day is the next holiday on schedule, and Kimberly Bakker has numerous events for the occasion on her schedule. However, even if the event involves only a few individuals, she still starts with a pen and piece of paper. Listing each aspect of the event keeps the planning orderly, while also ensuring nothing is forgotten along the way. The worst thing that can happening is discovering a piece right before the event begins. She likes to cover her basis from food to the guests attending. Kimberly Bakker has mastered the art of event planning through trial and error.

Once the planning is completed and the big has arrived, there are several aspects for a host to keep in mind for a smooth experience. Guests love background music and good lighting, as it makes for a friendly atmosphere. The happier the guests, the more likely meaningful social interaction will take place. In addition, Kimberly Bakker is a strong supporter of having a backup plan just in case of an incident. Sometimes a pair of guests might not see eye to eye. She believes that any situation can turn around for good. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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