What You Should Know About Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Kimberly Bakker


Kimberly Bakker is, to say the least one of the most impressive entrepreneurs we’ve ever met. Her success in the event-planning industry has made her name synonymous with high-quality results and she continues to produce highly successful events year after year.

Kimberly Bakker still makes time to give back to her community as Bakker sits on many non-profit boards. Her past experience as the protocol officer for the former mayor of San Francisco and the education she received from the University of Southern California have prepared her to lead Kimberly Bakker Events, an event planning and consulting business. We recently sat down with Kimberly Bakker in order to go a little more in-depth about her career and overall mindset.

How did you get involved in the Event-planning industry?

Kimberly Bakker states that her passion for throwing elaborate parties has always been with her since an early age. She recalls entertaining her family, stuff animals and about anyone who she could get to her tea-parties. Moving into turning that passion into business was to her a natural progression of that passion held by her.

What sets Kimberly Bakker Events from Other Companies?

Kimberly Bakker talks about how she always makes sure to utilize a personal item within their client’s event. The addition of an item, in her case an old set of silverware belonging to her grandmother allows the event to feel warmer and inviting. In addition, she understands that many of her clients often go hours without eating due to their constant meet and greets throughout the night, because of this Kimberly Bakker is always ready with a plate of food for her clients at the end of the night. Get Related Information Here.

What is the most useful skill in business?

Undoubtedly organization, says Kimberly Bakker. If you want control of your company and its results then making sure you have a detailed list is crucial to achieving positive results. This is especially important in the event-planning industry as there are many vendors to keep tabs on.


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