Co-Founder And COO Paul Herdsman Bullish On Employee Culture At NICE Global


Paul Herdsman excels at diplomacy in the realm of organizational management. His capacity for leadership is both noteworthy and distinguishable, particularly the amount of trust he extends to his pool of talented employees.

After all, as Co-Founder and COO of a flourishing outsourcing firm, his main occupation should consist of refining recruitment strategies, and building a competent team of future leaders highly skilled in communicating the NICE Global’s mission with potential customers.

How do leaders like Paul Herdsman guide the narrative behind corporate culture, seeing to it that team members are equipped with self-discipline, self-confidence, and catalyzing strength to effectively handle their positions?

Maintaining positive employee relations begins with a three pronged model based on personal competence, social competence, then organizational competence; with each capacity acting as a building block for the next level. See This Page for related information.

According to Herdsman, an ever-present, dynamic flow of training and educational opportunities constructed around personal character building, cooperation, and achievement do more to foster success than many other factors related to creating independent employment structures.

Strictly aimed at the goal of promotion within, such programs must also lend candidates a strong sense of value. Future leaders should feel inspired and connected regardless of title, position, duties, and responsibilities.

In an article with TheBroTalk,  entitled “12 Success Tips”, Herdsman gives his complete effective business insights which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.

With NICE Global as a shining example, those in-charge should make engagement a central focus for promotion and upward mobility within organizational ranks.

The Results?

Low turnover, high retention, increased morale, and long-term growth- all fueled by enlightened, empathetic leaders who truly have a passion for recreating success in others.


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What You Should Know About Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Kimberly Bakker


Kimberly Bakker is, to say the least one of the most impressive entrepreneurs we’ve ever met. Her success in the event-planning industry has made her name synonymous with high-quality results and she continues to produce highly successful events year after year.

Kimberly Bakker still makes time to give back to her community as Bakker sits on many non-profit boards. Her past experience as the protocol officer for the former mayor of San Francisco and the education she received from the University of Southern California have prepared her to lead Kimberly Bakker Events, an event planning and consulting business. We recently sat down with Kimberly Bakker in order to go a little more in-depth about her career and overall mindset.

How did you get involved in the Event-planning industry?

Kimberly Bakker states that her passion for throwing elaborate parties has always been with her since an early age. She recalls entertaining her family, stuff animals and about anyone who she could get to her tea-parties. Moving into turning that passion into business was to her a natural progression of that passion held by her.

What sets Kimberly Bakker Events from Other Companies?

Kimberly Bakker talks about how she always makes sure to utilize a personal item within their client’s event. The addition of an item, in her case an old set of silverware belonging to her grandmother allows the event to feel warmer and inviting. In addition, she understands that many of her clients often go hours without eating due to their constant meet and greets throughout the night, because of this Kimberly Bakker is always ready with a plate of food for her clients at the end of the night. Get Related Information Here.

What is the most useful skill in business?

Undoubtedly organization, says Kimberly Bakker. If you want control of your company and its results then making sure you have a detailed list is crucial to achieving positive results. This is especially important in the event-planning industry as there are many vendors to keep tabs on.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Career


Richard Liu is from a humble background; his family runs a transportation business. Richard Liu Qiangdong Despite the challenges to join Higher Education Institution he managed to pursue his dream. He spent most of the time on the computer enhancing the programming skills that would earn him job employment soon.


Richard Liu studied Bachelor of Sociology and later EMBA from the University of China and China Europe International Business School respectively. After graduating, Richard Liu signed a two-year contract at Japan Life Company. He served as the director for logistics, business, and computers. While in Japan Life company Richard Liu Qiangdong earned skills and knowledge that contributed to him venturing into the entrepreneurial sector.


In 1998, Richard Liu opened Jingdong business based in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial park of Beijing. Jingdong business specialized with the distribution of magneto-optical products. Liu Qiangdong was devoted to ensuring that the market grew rapidly and expanded its reach. After six years the company had established about 12 stores serving a wide range of clients with original, high- quality products.


The company had employed many employees who worked hard to ensure that the customers received top standard services and products. In 2003, there was an outbreak of SARS that forced people to stay at home. Richard Liu feared for his staff; thus he gave them some supplies and sent them home to avoid being infected. Richard Liu together with one of the managers decided to formulate a new solution that would satisfy the needs of the customers, and the business would grow. Visit This Page for related information.


Richard Liu founded which is an online platform to sell high-quality products of different types. has a net worth of more than US$10 billion and has employed thousands of employees to serve a wide range of customers. Richard Liu Qiangdong is always on the front line to ensure that the company becomes number one across the globe. He has set up plans to form joint ventures as well as purchase other business in Europe, Asia, the US among other areas to expand its reach. The company has also adopted modern technology to distribute the goods efficiently.



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The Outstanding Career Of Tim Ioannides

The health sector has continued to thrive over the recent years due to the continuous effort of leaders that are dedicated to ensuring that it outstands other industries. Tim Ioannides is among the successful and dedicated leaders that have taken the initiative of working harder towards making the industry a lucrative one. He attended school in Miami where he attained his degree in medicine.


Dr Tim Ioannides’ knowledge and passion towards the field have enabled him to keep moving and achieving a lot. He is also passionate about his career and his ability to eliminate failure, and other challenges that he faces in the industry has enabled him to achieve a lot in his endeavors.


Additionally, the duo has also impressed many people through the tremendous successes he has achieved. As a qualified dermatologist, he has started low by establishing a single dermatology unit where he attended to the diverse needs of his clients. Through his efforts, he ensured that the various skin problems that his clients faced were successfully attended to and addressed to enable them to overcome them. Read This Article for more information.


With his highly reliable services, the duo has today successfully established more than five units of his dermatology hospitals. As a result, he has reached to a vast number of people and his services are ranked among the top ones in the country. Tim Ioannides has combined his knowledge with humanistic approaches to ensure that he fully understands the key problem faced by his clients to eliminate them permanently.


He has also continued to share his word of advice with other doctors that are passionate about venturing into the field of dermatology with the aim of ensuring that they successfully achieve their dreams. Besides, the duo is also a good listener, which is a significant characteristic of a great doctor. With this, he identifies issues affecting his clients within the shortest time possible.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Since its launch in 2004, Chairman and CEO of, Richard Liu has played an integral role in growing the company into one of the foremost e-commerce entities in all of China. Today, is estimated to be valued at nearly $60 billion, while Richard Liu’s own net worth is estimated to be $11 billion. He is a graduate of the Renmin University of China, where he earned a degree in sociology.


During this time, while taking about two hours a week of course work, he began setting the foundation for what would eventually become the Jingdong empire. Beginning with a single brick-and-mortar store that exclusively sold electronics, his rapid success allowed him to expand to multiple locations in a very short period of time.


Richard Liu Qiangdong’s first major obstacle occurred during the SARS outbreak of 2003, which significantly halted face-to-face communications throughout China because of the highly contagious nature of the disease. Faced with the possibility of having to shut down his business operations, Richard Liu and his managers decided to implement an e-commerce service in order to supplement the losses affecting his physical retail locations.


After a close analysis, the figures showed the incredible growth potential of the e-commerce sector. In the initial phases, Richard Liu Qiangdong’s company operated in a dual capacity, selling products from the physical retail stores, as well as online, but by 2005, he’d decided to put all of his resources into e-commerce and was born. The name, short for Jingdong, was created using part of Richard Liu’s last name and that of a former girlfriend. Get Additional Information Here.


Today,’s major competitors are other e-commerce giants, such as Wal-Mart and Tencent, both of which have invested in Richard Liu’s company. Despite competing with some of the world’s largest corporations for e-commerce supremacy, he still views himself as his only major competitor.


In the near future, Liu plans to take his company further into Southeast Asia, Europe, and eventually, the United States. currently employs more than $167,000 people, after adding more than 30,000 in 2017 alone. In an article with WSJ, “Chinese Retailer Turning Its Logistics Network Into Broader Delivery Service”, Jingdong talked about new package-delivery service will compete with private express carriers in a crowded market in China for parcel transportation. This marks the next step in leveraging the nationwide logistics network that JD has built over the past decade.


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Dr. Tim Ioannides Of Treasure Coast Dermatology Reveals Antibiotics Is Not A Solution For Acne


The Dermatology Times recently featured an article titled “Top 10 Dermatology Stories of 2018.” The article reveals the top ten issues and topics that the readers found the most compelling in 2018.

One of the leading articles for the Dermatology Times was titled “Avoid Antibiotics for Acne Treatment When Possible.” They discovered that using antibiotics against acne wasn’t as helpful as they originally believed. Many dermatologists used antibiotics because they thought that acne was caused by infections caused by bacteria. However, the latest science reveals that acne is not a bacterial infection.

Though some antibiotics work, you want to avoid them whenever possible. When you use new antibiotics, the bacteria are able to resist them because some of the bacteria survive. Despite being only 1% of physicians, dermatologists subscribe almost 5% of the prescriptions for antibiotics. Though they may work against acne in the short term, they can cause severe damage later. The biggest issue is that patients are left using antibiotics for years, allowing the antimicrobial resistance to create super bacteria that is able to resist most antibiotics.

Another popular article was titled “Is it Acne or Pityosporum Folliculitis?” The article focuses on helping physicians understand the difference between acne and pityrosporum folliculitis. This will often show up on the upper back and the hairline and it is a fungal condition. When dermatologists use an antibiotic against it, it will often make the condition worse. Acne is often caused by increased production in sebum while the pityrosorum folliculitis looks incredibly similar.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist at the Treasure Coast Dermatology Clinic. The clinic has a variety of locations including the Martin, Indian River, and Port St. Lucie counties.

Dr. Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology and Tim focuses on creating a practice that begins with a proactive approach.


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J.D. Com in The Online Business


Technology is one of the best things that has come to make people’s lives easier. It has eased the burden of carrying out tedious work by making work easier for people. It has also led to the increase in many other discoveries by facilitating the internet for research purposes. Technology has also changed the way people think and behave hence, it has enlightened people. Despite having negative impacts on society, the benefits that come with technology are so many that they supersede the negative impact. is a company also known as Jingdong is a company that has fully embraced technology and creativity to carry out its roles. The company mainly deals with high technology and AI delivery and this is facilitated by drones and robots which do the delivery to clients.

Because of its success, has been ranked as the company with the best drone facilitated delivery system in the world formed in 1998, the company started from scratch just like every other company. It started by offering clients an online platform where they could be able to sell their products. Find More Information Here.

Soon, J.D. Com started to sell many other products such as electronics. By then, the company was known as where it went also founded another platform known as POP that also offered an opportunity to clients to sell their products. After a period of 5 years, the company’s name was changed to J.D. Com. In 2014, the company decided to form a partnership with Tencent. The partnership was founded to enable J.D.Com to dominate the online market and defeat their greatest competitor the Alibaba Group.

Later on, the company went global by starting up an online site in Russia. This was a great stepping stone for the company since it made it become popular. Due’s the exemplary competent team and the wonderful marketing strategies, the company has grown to become a known online marketing platform that has enabled many people as well as companies to market their goods online. The company has invested in many companies that have greatly boosted the company growth.

In an article with, “Google Invested 550 Million” with Jingdong. The partnership will include the promotion of products on Google’s shopping service. More details have now emerged that the partnership will also see Google selling its products on


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This New Years, Resolve To Stop Using Antibiotics For Simple Acne


For many years, antibiotics were used as a misguided treatment to the problem of acne, as acne does have a relation to bacteria – however, it was believed that this bacteria was the cause, and that acne itself was an infectious disease. Research and study show this not to be the case, and demonstrate that there’s no direct correlation to the quantity of ever-present P. acnes and of outbreaks of acne.

While there are cases where antibiotics are necessary, and while they do often work, the issue is that it can be likened to using a bulldozer to build a snowman. It’s an excessive, unnecessary response, especially with the dire implications of revelations made in recent decades about antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

It’s a serious issue, which many dermatologists are an unfortunate part of, as they’re five times as likely to prescribe oral antibiotics than their numbers would imply. Topical erythromycin provides an example of an antibiotic used to such a great extent that it simply does not work in the United States, anymore.

These issues can be negated to some extent by pairing the prescription with benzoyl peroxide, but patients dislike it as it stains fabrics. Oftentimes, this leads this important step to be disregarded and for the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to be made worse, for the sake of keeping bedsheets unbleached. Looking forward, it’s important to encourage accountability and the spread of new information among American dermatologists to counter this trend among dermatologists and to preserve the efficacy of antibiotics.

Tim Ioannides is a Board of Dermatology member, certified by the same body, and has thus far spent his medical career serving the dermatological needs of the Treasure Coast of Florida. He operates his own dermatology practice, with multiple locations throughout the aforementioned Treasure Coast. See This Article for additional information.


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