Diplomat Daniel Taub role as an ambaassador

Daniel Taub is a diplomat who serves his country Israel in the best way possible. He is one person who loves his job. Daniel Taub was born in 1962. He was born in the U.K. He grew up in the United Kingdom but before 30- years he moved to Israel. Education has been in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub is an international lawyer. He specialized in counter-terrorism and laws of war. His knowledge and experience were vital to Israel, a country that had a myriad of diplomatic issues to address. His skills were therefore very important to Israel.



Daniel Taub commitment to work is what made a difference between him and other diplomats. When he was appointed and went to present his papers to the queen of England, he was asked by the queen how he felt about representing his country Israel in a country of his birth. He said that it was a great honor and that he had been given an opportunity to show the two countries that he appreciates the role they have played in his growth. Daniel Taub performed his work diligently and managed to represent Israel in the global map in a very good manner. He prioritized the interest of his country while at the same time practicing what he believed in.



Before he was appointed to serve as an ambassador, he had other appointments that he had received before. For instance, he was a senior speechwriter to the president. He was also appointed as the deputy principal legal adviser in the ministry of foreign affairs. Such is the kind of responsibilities that he received. He was a trusted man who proved that he could serve his country in the best way. Daniel Taub had also been appointed an adviser to the delegation that represented Israel in the UN.



Daniel Taub a peacekeeper. He has been appointed by his country to represent them during peace negotiations that were held between Israel and Palestine, he was the lead envoy for Israel. He served his country well and even managed to come up with a peace agreement. Although this peace agreement did not last for a long time, it was a remarkable achievement that he was part of. Together with his partner from Palestine, they worked very hard and had to travel to an area like Ireland that had gone through the same problems as the two Middle East countries. Daniel Taub is now retired and stays in Jerusalem.


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