Robert Thikoll Learns And Teaches Leadership

It takes a strong person to admit that they do not know everything about a particular topic. That is particularly true when the topic is directly related to their job in some way. That is just the kind of person that Robert Thikoll is though. He knows that there is still so much learning to be done.


Early in his career, Robert found that listening first before you speak and act is the key to successful leadership.  Careful handling of crucial conversations where stakes are high is paramount to moving a team forward on problem solving.


Rob teaches courses on lean Thinking, problem solving, and lean transformation at various institutions across the United States.  You can find out where by visiting his on line profile.



Robert is currently the Vice-President of Operations for Ingersoll Rand, and global company based out of Swords, Ireland with around $13 billion in top line revenue. He has worked for other top flight companies like Danaher Corporation and Toyota Motors.


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