Robert Thikoll Learns And Teaches Leadership

It takes a strong person to admit that they do not know everything about a particular topic. That is particularly true when the topic is directly related to their job in some way. That is just the kind of person that Robert Thikoll is though. He knows that there is still so much learning that he can do.

He is the Vice-President of Operations for Ingersoll Rand. That is a global company with around $13 billion in assets. In other words, Thikoll has experience working with a top-flight company, and his opinion on things ought to be taken into consideration carefully.


Robert Thikoll sees some challenges on the horizon for the type of work that he does. He said in an interview to CEOCFO Magazine that he would like to share with the rest of the world the type of work that he does and how important it is. He honestly believes that the work he does could help other companies and industries focus on lean-thinking and cost-cutting. This could make processes that much more efficient and profitable for companies.

Daily Focus

He spends a lot of time thinking about the people on his business team. He wants them to know that he cares about their thoughts, plans, and ideas. He wants them to share those ideas with him when they have something they believe could be helpful. He says that he does not have the answers to every problem, and sometimes those answers come from someone down the business food chain.

His Vision

For the future, Thikoll would like to see Ingersoll Rand continue to become a stronger and leaner company that can really focus on the way it does its various processes. He believes that with time he can create a more effective company that provides better service to its customers.

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