Avi Weisfogel: Combining Sleep and Dentistry

Many people do not realize they have sleep apnea. Typical sounds such as snoring could actually be a choking or coughing sound when they are sound asleep. However, one New Jersey based dentist noticed. With over 20 years of experience, Avi Weisfogel has treated thousands of sleep apnea patients by using dentistry techniques for sleeping disorders. As this is a relatively new medical field, it wasn’t easy for Weisfogel to find success.

Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in psychology and biology. Afterwards, he went to the College of Dentistry at New York University and got his DDS. With dentistry knowledge under his belt, he opened up his own dentistry practice and found success. It was after seeing his patients coming in with symptoms of sleep apnea that spurred his desire to start a new practice to treat these sleep disorders. He studied Dental Sleep Medicine, where one uses oral appliances as treatments for sleeping disorders. He converse with other sleep doctors and gained more knowledge of different treatment techniques. But Weisfogel soon realized that studying Dental Sleep Medicine was the easy part.

Weisfogel spent the next 10 years struggling to get referrals to his practice, as a lot of people are not even aware they have sleep apnea. It was then that he realized that he had it wrong. Rather than waiting for patients to come in to discover that they have sleep apnea, he would go find those whom have already identified their disorder. With some guerrilla marketing, he went from having an average of two patients a month to an average of twenty to fifty patients a month. Through hard work and perseverance, Weisfogel was able to grow his practice of treating sleeping disorders and even teach other medical professionals to spur them in establishing their own sleep clinics.

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