Securus Technologies Making Prison Life Easier for Officers

As an officer in our local jail, I can tell stories of first-hand accounts where violence has gotten completely out of hand in recent years. The combination of easy accessibility to drugs, overcrowded conditions, and reduced prison staff is a mix that gives these inmates the ability to run the facility in many cases.


These inmates can not be locked in their cells around the clock, so the minute they are out, they are looking for trouble. These inmates have all the time to look for a weakness in the system so they can quickly exploit it when out of their cells.


To try and control the situation so that me and my fellow officers are not at risk of injury, technology is used that can give my team an advantage. Case in point, we now use a modern scanning device like you would see at airports, capable of detecting anything unusual on a person trying to get in our visitor center. If contraband is found, the person is detained, the items are removed, and the inmates don’t get the chance to make use of whatever it is that we recover.


Securus Technologies designed another piece of technology we now use to listen to the inmates as they are using the phones in the jail. The days of my team having to sit in a room and monitor what the inmates say when using the phones is over, the LBS software does that work now. Securus Technologies is a company based out of Texas, and Rick Smith, the company CEO, says his inmate call monitoring system is now up and running in 2,600 of the most dangerous jails around the country.


Now if the inmates say anything related to contraband, we are alerted to the trouble and take the necessary action ahead of the problem.


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