Richard Mishaan Design is a Sophisticated Vintage Interior Designer

As an interior designer, you may have so many decisions to make about what and where to specialize. Some prefer sticking to one interior design style. However, professionals such as Richard Mishaan Design have found a way to switch things up to make some of the most outstanding interior designs. He has an expansive touch of class, an aspect that has helped him to develop his identity. He has a way of combining vintage pieces with lavish interiors to give an elegant, classy touch. He has been featured in different publications ranging from Architectural Digest to Interior Design Magazines.


Richard Mishaan Design is globally recognized as he has worked with international clients. His portfolio shows his eloquence in understanding the customer’s needs by offering unique and long lasting impressions. He has an experience of over 25 years in the industry. Today, he runs an innovative design firm in New York. His company is diverse and handles a broad range of service including artistic and timeless interior designs. The company manages clients in commercial, hospitality and residential properties. According to Richard Mishaan Design, the growth of the company over the years can be associated with the friendly and professional team. The primary aim of the company is to evoke the excitement of the client every time they deliver their services.


Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia before starting his career as an intern in the office of Phillip Johnson. He earned a BA from the New York University before joining a renowned Architectural University to pursue his dream. Since graduating, Richard Mishaan Design has profoundly grown to become one of the sophisticated designers compared to others. His name is now a reputable brand especially after working on numerous high-end projects. Richard Mishaan Design is not limited to the 21st century, but by a significant borrowing from the ancient works of the art.

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