Cosmetic Guru Doe Deere Shares Her Daily Routine

Cosmetic designer, technical analyst, and marketing specialist, Doe Deere, was eager to share her daily routine with her wearer’s. Of course, her daily regimen includes a good breakfast and some strength training exercises. Best of all, Deere gives her fans the secret to her morning makeup ritual. She was not shy in telling Savior Flair she uses other makeup products as a concealer, but her color choices come strictly from her own cosmetic line. Much like her fans, she is impressed with the purple and violet hues that come with her signature Lime Crime brand. In fact, Scandal is one of her go-to color options.


Her colors are meant to inspire people around the world to be cold and choose an identity. Deere has an unconventional way of thinking about hues and colors which was not always popular with her peers. As a part of, her daily routine, Deere reminds herself she would have never branded her cosmetics, if she had listened to her naysayers. She wakes up every day thankful for another day to empower men and women around the world with bright colors guaranteed to leave them completely unapologetic about the makeup choices.


Lime Crime is a very popular waterproof makeup with hard to find colors, which are not offered through their competitors. Enjoy a superior line of eye-shadow and lipstick products including the right fit for your style. Customer enjoy great colors like Radical Metallic, Purple Sorbet, and Mint Kisser. She was one of the first cosmetic designers in the industry to try the super-foil and velvetine matte base cosmetics. Her cosmetics go on super moist and dry to absolute perfection. You can finally eliminate the need for multiple applications throughout the day with the benefits of Lime Crime cosmetics while choosing a makeup option.


You can now choose from a great line of shoes, clothing items, and accessories with her makeup by purchasing products from Dolls Kills. Their sister company offers one of a kind unique items which will help you identify with your new color scheme. You can also find cool ways to mix and match her cosmetics with valuable tutorials offered through YouTube. Thousands of women around the world are giving great tips and ideas of how to wear the Lime Crime brand. You’re invited to become a part of the Lime Crime name by visiting their exclusive website today for more details and promotional offers.


Lime Crime now offers their customers a wonderful hair dye collection under the Unicorn brand. Customers can choose from a 700 ml full jar which offers one full permanent dye or two temporary color touch-ups. Their products are safe for all hair types and still host the hypoallergenic ingredients your skin is use to and their Unicorn collection is also Leap Bunny approved. You can choose the same bold colors for your hair while also using their makeup line to finish your new look. Become a part of Lime Crime brand today and take back your color choices from dull boring neutral colors.


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