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Jana Messerschmidt is an investing partner at Lightspeed ventures. She is currently located in San Francisco, California, United States. Before becoming a partner at Lightspeed Ventures, Jana was serving at Netflix and Twitter. While at Twitter, Jana held in the position of Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform. While at Twitter, Jana Messerschmidt was tasked with overseeing the formations of partnerships.

With her expertise in business relations, Jana Messerschmidt helped twitter forge excellent relationships with several partners across various industries hence enabling the social media company to thrive locally and globally during her tenure. While at twitter Jana Messerschmidt also oversaw business development, enterprise sales, platform operations, partner engineering, marketing, strategy and developer relations.

Jana Messerschmidt was the Director of Business Management during her tenure at Netflix. While at Netflix, Jana was tasked with overseeing mobile and consumer electronics partnerships. Jana’s work at Netflix and Twitter has earned her recognition from peers across various industries; she has also been credited with playing a part in the success of companies such as DivX and AT&T (a giant telecommunication firm) thanks to her service at these firms.

Thanks to her ability to take up numerous roles and succeed at each of them, peers have given her the nickname Jana Lightspeed. Her role at Lightspeed Ventures has given her an opportunity to help a lot of start-ups and enterprises meet their goals thanks to the financial products and services offered. While at Lightspeed Ventures Jana has had the privilege of working with several interesting start-ups, most being in the tech industry.

One observation Jana Messerschmidt has made is that most small and medium enterprises, start-ups included, lack of support and nurturing that can ensure their success in the ever competitive world. You would be forgiven for calling her Jana Lightspeed, but Jana’s effectiveness and efficiency while overseeing her duties and responsibilities make the name suitable enough.

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Steve Lesnard, Principles of Online Marketing

Online marketing has become popular over recent years because it is affordable and reaches a larger target audience. Online marketing uses digital mediums such as social media platforms to create effective campaigns that relay information about a product or service to the consumers. Steve Lesnard provides brands with ways one can use online marketing to their advantage and increase their sales. Many brands use online marketing tools to introduce a product into the market, but they are not always successful. This is because they do not focus on the consumers which Steve Lesnard believes should be the main focus. Steve Lesnard wants businesses to come up with online marketing campaigns that are built for customers and not the products.

There are two principles that businesses can use to leverage online marketing properly. These are:

  1. Bring the product to life

When first introducing a product to the market, it is essential to make it real. This is in relation to the whole customer experience and how they will receive it once it hits the market. Some of the aspects to consider when bringing the product to life are how to use it, its benefits and what it does. Videos are effective in relaying these three aspects in a clear and concise manner. A video will show relevant information to the consumers and entice them to buy the product because they can relate to it.

  1. Simplify

When introducing a product to the market, you want it to be memorable to the target audience. The best way to make the product memorable is to simplify the overall advertising. This involves everything from the slogan to the message relayed. You want a simple advert that outlines the benefits of buying the product, but still shows consumers how important the product is to their lives. Communication is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, and if communication is not effective, the consumers will not relate to your product. Therefore, you have to ensure the slogan and message communicates the benefits of the product and is understandable.

With these two principles, Steve Lesnard assures the online marketing strategy will be effective.

Robert Deignan Love for Technology

Robert Deignan is the co-founder of ATS Digital Services. He also serves as the CEO of the company. The company offers technological solutions to customers worldwide. Robert Deignan has led the company to success. ATS Digital Services deal with troubleshooting issues, and offers remote services. Robert Deignan grew up in Florida and attended Purdue University. He studied organizational leadership. His educational background has helped him navigate the industry and attain success.

Robert Deignan worked briefly at Miami Dolphins and NY jets before starting Fanlink Incorporation. He started the company three after graduation, showing that he had a knack for business. This was the first company he created when he became an entrepreneur. He loves working ideas because it relaxes him and enables him to come up with ideas. He disconnects from his phone and computer once in a while to think clearly.

Robert states that he gets ideas when he is outdoors enjoying nature. Robert Deignan wanted to know what it takes to run a successful business and was not afraid to get his hands dirty. He was passionate about customer service and technology which led to the creation of ATS Digital Services. When he was starting the company, he knew that it was the beginning of something great.

Robert Deignan stayed at Fanklink  for three years before moving to become the Executive Vice President of Is3 Incorporation. The company offered technological solutions such as computer optimization, digital security, and technical support. The sales of the company increased significantly under his leadership. He has always loved technology and wanted to learn more about it. He the company to start ATS Digital Services after acquiring experience.

He started the company in 2011. He put all his experience and knowledge into the company and helped it grow into what it is today. The company is successful because it can solve any technological issue under the sun. Moreover, it has experts who have been in the industry for a long time and have adequate skills to serve customers. From home network issues, installation needs, to digital data storage, ATS Digital Service covers all. Robert Deignan wants to give customers the best service possible.

CEO Matthew Fleeger Helps Expand Gulf Coast Western LLC

Mathew Fleeger is the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western LLC, an oil and natural gas company. The company’s main focus is to serve as the managing venture of Oil and Gas Partnerships. The Oil and Gas Partnership’s mission is to find, acquire and develop new oil wells in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. They operate various oil wells in those regions and develop them to partner with other oil producing companies. Companies they have partnered with include Zachry Exploration, LLOX, Union Gas, Endeavor NG, and Neumin Production. Gulf Coast Western wells have an excellent track record and many of the wells developed have gone on to produce an average of over 800 barrels of oil a day.

When scouting for development locations, Gulf Coast Western uses 3D seismic data to find the best the spots the well make the best candidates. There main areas of exploration are that of the Gulf of Mexico, primarily off the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. They have also expanded inland to Colorado and Oklahoma to find knew well candidates. Gulf Coast Western has also begun expanding into the industry of salt water disposal and has begun operating an SWD well.

Gulf Coast Western LLC was founded by Mathew Fleeger’s father. Mathew Fleeger wanted to carve out his own path in life and began his career studying finance and marketing at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. After graduating college, he worked for a handful of entry-level positions before taking a lower level position at Gulf Coast Western. In 1993 he would start MedSolutions, a company that is responsible for the disposal, treatment, and management of medical wastes.

Fleeger using his keen entrepreneur skills grew the company into one of the most successful medical waste companies in the US. In 2007, after 14 years of hard work Fleeger sold MedSolutions to Stericycle for $59 Million! After the sale of MedSolutions, Fleeger returned to the family business and took over as President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western.


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Louis Chenevert, An Innovative Businessman

Louis Chenevert is a name that is remembered as one of the most successful businessmen of this century. He not only grew himself but also made the technology industry and the companies he worked for grow immensely to reach new heights. Louis Chenevert is known as the successful Chairman and Cheif Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation which he left in 2014 due to his retirement. Before his marvelous expedition in the United Technologies Corporation, he had a role of Vice-President and then, President at Pratt & Whitney. He served there from 1993 to 2006. At General Motors, Louis Chenevert spent a significant amount of time as the Production General Manager before joining Pratt & Whitney.

Louis Chenevert is the man behind the tripled stock share prices of UTC during his era. He is one with a view that focusing on the employees’ welfare and training has a big part in the success of a firm. Employees should have an interactive workplace that they enjoy coming to every day and bring significant changes to the company due to the positive environment. Louis has stressed over the importance of education and training of the firm’s employees at his time with the UTC. He put this concept to action and provided his faculty with learning opportunities in the form of programs that allowed them to acquire degrees in the fields that they needed and hence more than 39,000 degrees were awarded to the employees through his time.

Apart from his employees’ skill-strengthening activities at the UTC, he also took an active part in innovating the company to new trends and the latest technology in the industry. In this day, technology has taken up almost every aspect of our lives and made a revolution in it. So, it is not easy for a technology-innovating based company, like UTC, to survive and prosperous without taking on the latest trends and consistently changing and evolving which require taking risks that could sometimes harm the company as well, but Louis Chenevert did just that and took the company to another level of success that it is today.

The Many Collaborative Creative Minds of Academy of Art Students

Creativity Through Collaboration

Following one student’s inspiring story, the importance of collaboration is revealed. Kevin Chen has always found great enjoyment in the act of building. Drawing has always fallen in line with that desire. The Academy of Art University’s school of industrial design attracted this student due to the school’s open door policy for applicants. Chen really liked the fact that, as long as students were willing to work hard, anyone and everyone could be given the same chance to prove themselves and succeed.

When Kevin originally started at the school, he knew next to nothing about design itself. This included how to sketch. The school worked to build his ability to draw and design effectively from the ground up. He got to work on exciting projects for top companies, such as the chance to show off his skills by designing concept art for a new Chrysler automobile. Being able to showcase his skills in this type of project while attending really added to the passionate drive of Chen. The opportunity also allowed him to create work that he could put in his portfolio, in order to add to the diversity of his skill set even more.

Academy of Art University (AAU) has a strong vision and mission to uphold the highest standards for their students. Those who attend AAU hail from all over the world, seeking the accredited degrees from a respected art related school. The academy not only accepts open applications from students living in many countries, they also employ instructors from all over the world as well. The reach of AAU is truly global and it shows in the work that its graduates put out there upon entering the workforce. AAU does everything they can to ensure students are placed post-graduating, with comprehensive portfolio workshops and the ability to give students real time critique to improve their work.

Boraie Development Seeks Partnerships to Change the New Jersey Urban Landscape

Boraie Development LLC is developing The Aspire Luxury Apartments in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The apartment block consists of 238 residential units with an attached parking facility with direct access to the lobby. Taking a couple of steps leads you to the New Brunswick Train Station together with other amenities such as a fitness center, a hospital, and neighborhood dining, shopping and nightlife. The apartment block comes with 24/7 doorman lobby, rooftop sundeck and garden, outdoor BBQ space, 10,000 square feet of retail, individual storage, and indoor bike storage space.

Boraie Development LLC has also partnered with former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal to develop other properties in Newark. The 33-story residential complex worth $150 million is the first high rise in Newark in decades. Shaquille O’Neal who was born and raised in Newark says he wants to invest in it and make it beautiful. Better yet, the star will occupy one of the penthouses at the top of the building upon completion.

The complex named “The House that Shaq Built” will also house a restaurant and retail space. It will come with 225 parking spaces, a pool, roof-deck plaza, private worker lounge, and a private residence lounge. Shaq is also developing another apartment complex near One Rector, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center together with Boraie.

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate company specializing in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. The company works with the strongest financial institutions, architects and contractors for timely completion of all their project developments.

Sharon Prince And Grace Farms Welcome Artist Carrie Mae Weems


The Grace Farms Foundation and its President Sharon Prince is proud to welcome renowned artist Carrie Mae Weems. Carrie Mae Weems is a true artist in every sense of the word as she has created art through multiple mediums. These mediums range from dance to photography to music to performance art.


Her latest performance piece titled Past Tense takes audiences on an emotional journey through the use of spoken words, text, and images. Past Tense tells the tragedy of a woman who sacrificed herself for the right to bury her dead brother. She is set to regularly perform this piece at the River Building at Grace Farms.


Carrie Mae Weems began her artistic career as a dancer but he breakout came as a photographer in 1990. In 1990, she released her Kitchen Table Series, a series of 20 staged black and white photos with text that earned her praise. She has gone on to have a storied career and has been the recipient of numerous awards, grants, and fellowships. Click Here for more information.


A few of these include the Prix de Roma, The National Endowment of the Arts and The Tiffany Awards. In 2013, she became the winner of the prestigious MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship. In 2014, she became the first African-American woman to have a retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum.


She created Grace Farms as a new type of public space, one that would bring together community and nature. She envisioned Grace Farms as a community center, nature preserve, public park, restaurant and art gallery all in one. Grace Farms is open 7 days a week and is free to the public.


It’s through this foundation that Sharon Prince manages to preach community and hope.


It sits on 80 lush Connecticut acres and in the center is the famed River Building. The River Building contains a public library, meeting rooms, tea house, restaurant, and auditorium. Since opening in 2015, Grace Farms, led by Sharon Prince, has become a center for activism and art.


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Roseann Bennet Teaches Life Balance To Couples, Individuals And Families


With stress, life problems and technology available at any given moment, is it any wonder that most couples have problems at some point in their marriage. It is normal. But how you handle these problems, that is the key to making your marriage or relationship work out. When couples start having problems, they should turn to a qualified therapist for help. Roseann Bennet is just such a professional.


With more than 10 years of experience, Roseann Bennett Therapist helps people through their marriage or family issues. Today, she works with families in the New Jersey area, but at one time, worked as an in-home family therapist helping families with crisis management and planning treatments.


She started the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2010. The purpose was to offer a center for people going through an emotional crisis in their life. The center helps people to overcome personal obstacles and continue on a rewarding life path. Founded as a charitable organization, its primary purpose is to treat families and individuals who come from disadvantaged homes, and who could not otherwise afford therapy. Roseann Bennet is the driving force behind the center, and in her free time, she also writes on mental health concerns and issues.


Roseann credits her strong work ethics to her passion for helping others. She enjoys working as a therapist and considers this her life mission. Additionally, she writes assessments, conducts research and develops new treatment procedures. This is the work she has always wanted to do and has continued to excel in the field ever since graduating from Seton Hall with a Master’s in Psychological Studies. She considers her therapy approach to be a one-on-one learning assessment and credits this method with her organization’s success.


Bennett, who doesn’t turn clients away because they don’t have the ability to pay, tries to find new and innovative methods to help her clients along with tried-and-true methods. While working with children, she first became interested in “Canine-Assisted Therapy”.


On a personal note, Roseann Bennet enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. Roseann Bennett also gives herself an adequate amount of “Me” time by getting a regular massage at the spa.


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Gino Pozzo Is A Success In Business And Sports

Football is the most popular sport in all of Europe and Gino Pozza is a big name in it. Not only is he the owner of the Watford Club in England, but he is also an accomplished investor and businessman. While the football club may not have had the best track record, Gino Pozzo and his family have been working hard to do everything right and turn the team around. In order to ensure that he was able to do more for the team that he owned, he relocated his family and himself to London.

Gino Pozzo believes that the Watford Club has a great deal of potential to become one of the biggest names in European football within the upcoming years. The Premier League is considered one of the most famous football leagues in Europe and Gino Pozzo is hoping to help the team move all the way up from Fourth Division all the way to the top. After purchasing this team, the Pozzo family became the owners of three teams in England, Spain, and in their home country of Italy. They also became the first family to own this many teams at the same time.

The first team that the family of Gino Pozzo became the owners of was a Udinese club in Italy. They were able to purchase this Udinese team with the capital that they had raised from their family business in woodworking. Since they first purchased the team in 1986, the family has diversified their investments considerably. They now do business with property and mergers as well. While this may have taken some time away from their sports endeavors, Gino Pozzo and his family insist that they are doing it all right and putting everything that they can behind the teams to make sure that they can compete.

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